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Moroccan Splatter

Moroccan Splatter

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Everything is handmade by our studio, from painting the fabric, to the handwork and the dangling beads chest-work. This work takes about a total of 15 hours of work.


100% Cotton.


You will be contacted to choose to either:

* Pick up from house location (no fee)

* Have it delivered to your location (with fee)

Care Instructions

* Handwash, avoid hot water.
* Avoid fabric softner when washing, or use a very tiny bit :)
* Iron normally, but try to avoid high heat on the areas that have drawings.

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  • Note

    ** Please note that the hand-painted pieces might have some brush strokes here and there.

    Remember that this only adds value & beauty to the piece.

    ** Please also note that the colors may vary slightly as to what is shown here.